Creating A Lasting Memory

Whether a gift, an indulgence or downsizing, what better way to preserve the memories of a family home, business or favourite bolt hole than to have a painting of it in oils?


I bring a unique approach to painting the subject by exploring the liminal world, between light and shadow within the composition to convey an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.  


I endeavour to capture the essence of the subject you choose. It could be a detail or a greater context, dappled by sunlight or - a little more alternative - an illuminated night scene. My technique is to create a work in layers of oils and glazes, enhancing any subtle colouration and exaggerating the interplay of light and deep shadow which prevails in all my paintings and for which I have become known.  


If you are interested in commissioning an oil painting and like the atmospheric qualities I bring to the project, please feel free to contact me, I am very happy to explore the possibilities with you. As no two projects are the same, with a little information about your specific requirements I will be able to give you an idea of price and timelines.

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